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FAQ after Work and Travel

After the death of my ex compaq, Ipod was pretty much the only device that allowed me to go online when I traveled around the US. I've recently bought a new Acer Timeline X and am proud of its feature. The model 4820TG comes with 2GB DDR3 Memory and 640GB HDD, and i5 processor and the best thing according to my friend is its 1GB graphic card by Ati Radeon! I've been eyeing on this laptop since July and I like it very much for its battery lifetime and its lightweight of 2.2kg. Okey, you can get the brochure from Acer and I don't earn any commission if someone buys after reading this so no point explaining. 

What's new in life? Oh, I've been answering the typical questions from everyone and so I have decided to post some FAQ here.

1. How was the United States? 


2. Was it fun/ did you like it?

Yeah, it's an experience.

3. Did you earn back what you have spent?
(Hate this question because I don't know what are they trying to compare, experience versus money? Unrealistic.)
I spent RM7000 to go and earned like $4000 but spent half of it travelling and souvenirs for three weeks. Do the math yourself if you really want to know. 

4. What did you work as? 

Read my previous posts, idiot.

5. Was your work fun?

Work is work, fun could be in work if you know how to stay positive. 

6. Where did you work?

In a restaurant of a lodge.

7. Which state were you at?


And they usually ended it with "Ohh..." and walked away. People, I guess I need more in-depth questions if you really want me to tell my experience. 

Another set of interview is about my future. 

1. So what are you going to do now that you're back?

My internship starts on January.

2. I thought you're done with studies.

Internship is my last subject and it is a non-academic subject. Internship is also known as practical or training. It's basically working in companies with lesser pay. I have to explain this clearly since I've encountered so many people who ask Question 1 and ask about irrelevant questions.

3. So how long is your internship?

Four freaking months. 

3. What industry are you going into... What are you studying actually?

I want an internship in the production and broadcasting line and I refuse to answer the second question. It should be asked since the dinosaur age. 

4. Have you found a company, then?
Basically, nope. 

5. When exactly are you graduating, it's been forever since you're in college.

Graduating after internship is done and convocation on July. I'm in a freaking university and I love being there, why do you care? 

I hope the questions above answers things that you want to know. If you feel that my answers are pretty empty, you should start questioning your questions too. Of course, I'd tell you more if you have other questions for me but the ones I posted above are asked by those who want to know just for the sake to know.  



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Nov. 18th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
So you were annoyed when I asked you if you could earn back the same amount of money throughout your whole trip? :(


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