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And I'm finally sick.

These days haven't been good. Living away from your loved ones, the only thing you could do is to care, or not care about them at all. People come to this world, people go from this world. If only those words is expressed as easy as 'People born, live and gone from this world'. The feelings are so undescribable when you really lose someone all of a sudden and all you could do is feel and watch them go from afar. Deaths, one of the darkest thing people would want to encounter. Nope, I haven't been feeling fine lately. Got kinda emo and depressed over death, loss, and confused over future. So much to think of, so fearful to think of because the days ahead is going to be rest of your life and you're going to walk alone.

Apart from emotion breakdown, I got caught by flu and sore throat for the past two days. And I'm still sick but I'm glad of it. Finally, something is proving to me that NOTHING IS ALL RIGHT, NOTHING IS FINE.

Just getting tired of telling myself that the world is still hopeful. I feel so jaded :(